Non-retired snow bird. I spend summers (July-September) in the Green Mountain State and the rest of the year in sunny St. Augustine, Florida. 

I have never been a fan at describing my work so here goes. My style is a mix of creative portraiture and timeless photojournalism. I am crazy for wide angle shots that should be blown up to fill the space above your couch. I do not heavily edit my photographs and am a photojournalist (which is what I went to school for). I will not put you in a dozen awkward poses, as long as you don't send me a Pinterest board with every shot you want.  I want your images to reflect who you are. That is what's most important.

When I am not shooting weddings, I am hiking in Vermont, dipping my toes in the Atlantic, geeking out on photography equipment and educating.  Check out my newest project Vision for Empowerment—a photography workshop that provides art therapy and photography training to disadvantaged women in Kolkata, India. 

Sarah Annay