Fill me in with the following info:

1. Your name, the date, venue, hours of coverage needed, approximate number of guests

2. I will respond within 48 hours (sometimes longer during wedding season) and let you know if your date is available. If yes, I will send detailed welcome packet. 

3. After you receive all info I hope to schedule a telephone conversation (if you’re out of town) or an in-person consultation.

4. As soon as you book, a contract will be written and delivered online for signature. 

5. Once contract is signed and a $1,000 retainer is paid, your date is officially held with Sarah Annay Photography and an engagement session will be scheduled.

Engagement locations are unique to the couple and we will talk about this at our meeting! 

6. After engagement session, I generally meet with bride and groom at least three times before the big day.

To visit venue, construct timeline (while working with wedding planner) and write your unique must-have shot list!

*Remember: I am your visual storyteller but I am also here to make sure your day runs smoothly. 


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